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I am located close to The Tetley Car Park, LS10 near to the Centre of Leeds with good access to public transport and parking. The therapy room is quiet, calm and very comfortable. The building is only used for therapy and is discreet and confidential.



Sessions & Fees

Sessions & Fees

Fees are £55 per session.

Sessions last for 50 minutes, once a week.

Appointments available Tuesday to Friday, Daytime and Evenings.

Fees to be paid at the start of each session.

I will require 48 hours notice of cancellation and charges are applied.


Why Counselling?

Counselling can help to alleviate distress and difficulties individuals face at certain points in their lives.


People can feel lonely, isolated, depressed or anxious and talking or being supported by family or friends is sometimes not enough. Talking with me (as your counsellor), and building a therapeutic relationship together, can be easier than talking to a loved one. You may feel it difficult to confide in a friend or partner incase you feel judged or they may not understand what's going on for you.

You don't neccessarily need to be in crisis to have counselling. It may be you are feeling underwhelmed in life or stuck, and not knowing where you are heading.


If you decide to work with me, we can talk about what has brought you to counselling. It may be something from your past or present, your feelings and emotions, how your are in relationships, your patterns of behaviour and the way you think. I will never direct you or make you talk about anything that you feel is too distressing, nor do I give you advice. I believe all the answers are within you and we can work them out together. Usually, I work with clients for a minimum of six sessions and beyond, sometimes for a year or longer.

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